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Nelly B
16 January
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When I was born, my mother died
She said, bye-bye, baby, bye-bye
And since that day
I've made my way
The notorious girl in the wild
Adopted by the wolves when she was a child
That's why God made the movies

Apologies to Paul Simon for paraphrasing his song to fit my gender, and to my mother, who is not really dead. Neither was I adopted by wolves. But I have run with a herd of deer, slept in a tree, discovered a path that had been unused for nigh on 50 years while exploring and woken up at 4 to take the 2.5-mile run down this path to the river and watch the sun rise. And gotten my hair out of my face by tying it back with a strip of cedar bark. Hehe...

I hail from Durham, North Carolina, but I now go to Hiram College in Ohio. It's pretty cool. Actually, it can be downright cold, especially for someone like me, with all this thin Southern blood. Actally, I shouldn't really have thin Southern blood - I'd lived there all my life before college, but my mom's from Cleveland and my dad's from the Phillipines, Texas and finally Canton (Army brat). Hmm. Maybe the Southernness soaks in through your skin the longer you live in the South, relative to time spent in the other places you've lived. Hmmm...

The "B" in my name stands for "Baird," my grandpa's and uncle's name, and my Scottish clan. Besides Scottish, I'm Danish (mostly this: 1/8; hence the name, somewhat), Irish, English, German, Seminole and Ottawa. Those are the major ones; I'm sure there are more. Yep, I'm a mutt, ancestrally speaking. I like it, and especially like learning all my family history. My great^7 grandfather was Irish, and he married my great^7 grandmother, who was an Ottawa princess, the daughter of a chief and his wife, whose names I'll post as soon as I can. Their grandaughter was Elizabeth T Fisher, who married Henry S. Baird, after he came over from Scotland. There are a bunch of pics of my distant relatives on bairdnet.com - I like finding ones that look like my closer, still living relatives.

That's about as much as I can think to write right now. Now, I am going to play Cutthroat with Zack and Abby and probably lose miserably.

-Nelly B
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